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on how to use our products.

Here, at Men Rock we understand that written instructions are not always the easiest to follow which is why we have created these video tutorials, showing you how to use our grooming products and how to create the best possible shave. We have videos on everything from how to replace blades on double edged razors, shavettes and more as well as guides on creating the perfect shave from preparation onwards.

This video tutorials page is the best place for advice on men’s grooming, looking great and staying safe when tending to your facial hair. Offering you everything in small, visually led videos, this page is designed to help you create an outstanding beard and ensure you get it right first time.

So, whether you are wondering how to use a strop or are trying to find out how to best prepare for the perfect shave these videos offer the ideal solution for you. They have all the information you need to execute a flawless grooming routine and help you sculpt facial hair you can be proud of. Take a look through the informative videos, created by us here at Men Rock and find an answer to your facial grooming questions.

How to put a blade in a double edged razor

How to shave

How to put a blade in a shavette

Shave preparation

How to use a strop