Time for a Grooming Kit Inspection?

The ultra-tough and uber-macho hero of Lee Child’s long running thriller collection, Jack Reacher, takes only a toothbrush when he goes travelling. No baggage, no shaving kit. Being mere mortals, the rest of us need plenty of kit, and the blade runners among us are no exception. But is your kit up to scratch? We look at what Men Rock has in store for you to maintain your face – and stop it looking like a baby’s bottom!


For the blade shunner or blade runner, the Men Rock website is split into ‘Shaving’ and ‘Beard Grooming’ sections to give quick access to grooming products and accessories designed specifically for you.


Shave in style


This is where you’ll find the perfect shaving accessories to provide you with a barber standard shave. Everything from a Straight Razor to a Badger Hair Shaving Brush, through Styptic Matches to Shaving Creams and After Shave Balm. Quality products to help you maintain your face in prime, clean shaven condition.


Choose from the traditional Straight Razor, Straight Razor Shavette or our sturdy Safety Razor. The products you use alongside it are as important to the perfect shave as is your razor. A good quality shaving cream which provides a good amount of lather is essential. Choose from Sandalwood Shave Cream or Sandalwood Shave Cream which not only make you feel great but smell great. One of our shaving brushes can help here in providing a rich, creamy lather for a satisfying shave.


We also offer men’s shaving gift sets which make an ideal present for beard lovers any time of the year.


Nurture your beard


Beards need care and attention in order to look good. Men Rock have an extensive range of products to help you pull off and maintain that look. Everything you need, you can get from us. To get your beard grooming routine right you need to be properly equipped.


That means, for starters, that you’ll need a good beard brush which will not only detangle your bristles buy will massage the skin underneath. Choose from our well-above-bog standard (no pun intended here) Beard Brush, or the deluxe Hog Bristle Brush – which is softer and way less harsh than it sounds.


Use your brush in conjunction with our select choice of beard soaps, shampoos, balms, oils and waxes to achieve barber shop levels of presentation and to keep your beard sleek and healthy.


All of these products have distinctive fragrances to add to their appeal – and yours! None more so than


Time to trim?


With all this care and attention, it should be growing well. When it’s time to trim it, who you gonna go to? Men Rock, of course – we have the perfect Moustache and Beard Scissors for DIY maintenance of your furry friend.


If you’re off somewhere in a rush and don’t have time to choose the items you need, why not look at our readymade kits like this one you’ll find here. These also make perfect gifts for other blade shunners


Isn’t it time you upgraded your kit?