The Straight Razor Starter Set

So you want to shave with a straight razor huh? You think this exclusive kit put together by Men Rock is for you?

Maybe you’ve heard about how it’s the closest shave you can possibly get. Maybe you think there’s something inherently macho about swiping a sharp blade around your face. Maybe you hanker for simpler times before eight-bladed monstrosities that vibrate were all that seem to be pushed on the public via massive overly exposed advertising campaigns that make you feel like you’ll be worthless and ugly unless you buy buy buy something that after six months will be declared obsolete when they add yet another blade and another gimmick.

Well you don’t need all that and you should stop believing the subtle messages about your worthlessness without their products too. We get asked about whether we can offer straight razors at least twice a week. So here you go. Please bare in mind this package does require a little skill … we are not going to pop round to your house at the weekend to help you sharped the blade with a strop. You’ll need to learn the art yourself! We think that for the price this is an extremely reasonable introduction to straight razor shaving. Contents: Men Rock Straight Razor Men Rock cow hide strop Men Rock Shaving Brush Men Rock Shave Cream 100ml and some styptic matches … just in case!

(Straight Razor, Brush, Strop, Shave Cream, Gift box)

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