The Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack

The Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Shaving Gift Set will allow you to achieve a professional, barber shop experience in your own bathroom.

It would make the perfect gift for any man who likes to give his appearance that extra special bit of attention and is perfect for even the most novice of wet shavers.


The Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette: works just like a straight razor, but features interchangeable, double-edged blades that eliminate the need for honing or the use of a strop. With half a standard safety blade that is held firm on closing, the shavette allows for a super-close, barber shop quality shave.  Here’s a video showing how to put a blade in the Shavette and also how to prepare for a wet shave –

The Brush: A must have for wet shavers, this high-quality brush helps to lift the hairs and create a rich lather when used with shaving cream, meaning you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable shave that delivers impressive results.

Sandalwood Shave Cream: This nourishing cream is a vital component of a wet shave experience, as it lifts the hairs and creates a protective barrier between your skin and the blade, helping to minimise irritation and make your shave more enjoyable. Infused with sandalwood, it will leave your skin with a light yet sensual aroma.

Pack of Men Rock Double Edged Razor Blades: Although the razor uses any double edged blades, we include some free to ensure it’s ready to use straight out of the box. We’re still smarting from ‘batteries not included’ gifts at Christmas!

We’re sure you won’t nick yourself but if you do – you might want to have some alum matches on hand – we wrote an article on alum and styptic matches here

You may also find this blog post on ingrown hair and the benefits of wet shaving useful

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