Shaving Cream Sicilian Lime

An invigorating way to start your day, kick your morning off with a traditional hot shave using our exhilarating Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream.

Softly scented with spicy notes of black pepper and zesty Sicilian lime, our sumptuously scented Shaving Cream will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and ferociously fresh.

Not as thin or runny as nasty gels and foams, our thick Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream properly lubricates your face and gives you an amazingly comfortable shave.

To use, simply apply some Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream to your hand or a shaving bowl.

Lather and whisk the Shaving cream well with some warm water using a shaving brush, then apply liberally to your stubble laden cheeks.

For best results, after applying our Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream make use of a freshly minted shavette and follow up with some moisturising After Shave Balm.

Of course it’s ideal if you use a Shaving Bowl  to create your lather (ours is metal so it doesn’t break when/if it hits the bathroom floor!)


Sicilian Lime Shave Cream: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Potassium hydroxide, Coconut Acid, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Parfum, Sodium hydroxide.




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