Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Shampoo

Our Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Shampoo is just like its twin balm – light, refreshing and packing a powerful caffeine punch.

Ideal for those grey and groggy Monday mornings where you don’t want to wake up, and neither does your beard.

Step 1: Muster the courage to crawl/roll/slither out of bed.

Step 2: Apply and lather in our lime and caffeine infused beard shampoo.

Step 3: massage well into your beard and skin and rinse it out with warm water.

Step 4: Lay thine eyes upon the mirror and marvel at the unparalleled majesty that is your freshly washed and perfectly groomed beard.

PRO TIP: To give your face rug some extra lovin, use our caffeine infused lime beard balm in tandem as part of your morning routine for some extra moisturising action.