Shaving Brush

The Shaving Brush is quite possibly the single most overlooked element of a properly decent shave.

“What do I need a Shaving Brush for? Surely you can just use your hands?!”

First things first, don’t call us Shirley… Secondly, just using your grubby mitts to smooth shaving cream into your face often results in a disappointingly thin and runny lather.

On the other hand, a shaving brush properly mixes hot water and cream together producing a much thicker cushioning lather, and a much more comfortable shave.

The Shave Brush’s mane coating magic doesn’t just end there. A properly used shave brush will exfoliate your follicles whilst ridding your face of any dead skin that might hinder the glide of your blade.

A great entry brush for new shavers, the Men Rock Shaving Brush is a must have weapon in your shaving arsenal.  Handmade in the UK is has synthetic fibres




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