Shavette Straight Razor

Like it’s big brother, the Shavette Straight Razor is sophisticated and smooth, but a lot easier to use.

Instead of using 5 tiny blades in tandem like a modern shaver, a single blade razor like the Shavette spreads pressure over a smaller surface area, allowing for a much closer shave. Science, eh?

Providing the same unbeatably close shave of a traditional cut throat shaver, the Shavette razor differs simply by allowing you to snap in and use an interchangeable double edged blade.

This doesn’t sound like a big difference, but trust us – it is.

Eliminating the need for a strop, the shavette razor is perfect if you’re in a rush or just after a stress free shave.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use the shavette razor, there’s detailed instructions in every pack and we’ve put together a handy video guide just for you.

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