Safety Razor

Why on earth would you buy some expensive 8 bladed disposable monstrosity when a single bladed razor will do an even better job?

Do you think the likes of Cary Grant or David Niven used a day glow orange, plastic, battery powered shaver to keep their chiselled cheeks hair free?

Of course they bloomin didn’t, they used a man’s single bladed razor and they looked devilishly handsome doing so.

The Safety Razor, also known as the double edged razor, truly is a time honoured classic.

It stylishly marries the unbeatably close shave of a cut throat razor with the ease of use of a modern shaver.

Manufactured here in the UK, our safety razor is crafted with solid steel leaving a classically cool finish.

We’re so proud of our safety razor, we etched our name onto it… with a laser.

(Why? Because lasers, that’s why.)

We’re sure you won’t nick yourself but if you do – you might want to have some alum matches on hand – we wrote an article on alum and styptic matches here


£35.00 £30.00