Oak Moss Moustache Wax

Zappa, Mansell, Mercury.

Fantastically famous men with even more famous moustaches.

Those world class whiskers were probably kept in check with the oft overlooked Moustache Wax.

Frank and Freddy have long since bitten the dust, but if they were still knocking around you can bet your fat bottomed dollar they’d be using our Oak Moss scented Moustache wax.

Acting just like regular old hair wax, our moustache wax gives your lip bristles medium/firm hold and affords the user no end of moustache styling or beard shaping scope.

Just like a Zappa album, our stash styling wax is best enjoyed in moderation and applied sparingly. Apply too much and the Sandalwood scented salve will start to clump & clobber your hairs together!

The moustache waxes firm hold means it can be hard to get it out of the pot.

PRO TIP: If you are struggling, try placing the 25ml pot (with the lid on obvs) in warm water to soften up the glorious moustache styling wax within. Strut that stash with pride!

All our moustache waxes contain bees wax (which does meant they’re not vegan) – but that doesn’t mean we don’t think bees rock as you’ll see in this post on bees