Beardy Beloved Beard Care Kit

The Beardy Beloved Beard Care Kit is THE starter pack for any budding blade dodger.

If you’re new to the blade shunning game, growing the face fur is the easy part – as any beard toting veteran will tell you. The real trick is keeping that chiselled masterpiece of a beard soft, clean and as majestically groomed as possible.

Included in this beard grooming kit:

The most trusted weapons in your bristling beard grooming arsenal are our Beard Shampoo (100ml) and Soothing Beard Balm (100ml), so go guns akimbo and apply both with pride.

Most people forget about keeping the moustache kempt, but you won’t. This bodacious beard grooming kit comes stocked with our rich scented Sandalwood Moustache Styling Wax and a pocket size beard grooming comb to boot.

We also throw in some Love Hearts® in every pack, but those are for shoving in your mouth, not your beard (trust us, they’ll get sticky after a while).

All our moustache waxes contain bees wax (which does meant they’re not vegan) – but that doesn’t mean we don’t think bees rock as you’ll see in this post on bees