Beard Oil – Jazz

“Jazz music is to be played sweet, soft, plenty of rhythm.” – Jelly Roll Morton

Coltrane, Gillespie, Davis. Men and music that oozed cool to their core.

With our Jazz inspired Beard Oil your beard will ooze with moisturising & follicle freshening goodness.

If you’re asking yourself the question “what does beard oil do”, the answer comes three fold.

1. Keeps your face flake free

2. Moisturizes your facial hair

3. Smells great.

You’d be a fool not to include beard oil as part of your daily beard care rituals.

A lively and upbeat scent with plenty of rhythm, our Jazz Beard Oil is infused with vitamin E – which acts as both a nutrient and antioxidant to keep your skin as soft as Charlie Parker’s sax notes, and your beard as stylish as the great Thelonious Monk’s.

Don’t be a square Daddy-o, give your rug some love, ya dig?




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