Beard Oil Gift Set

You wouldn’t listen to just one record over and over, so why would you treat our beard oils any differently?

Just like music, match your beard oil fragrance to your mood.

Maybe on those miserable Mondays you need an uplifting hit of our Jazz fragrance?

Perhaps you need some silky smooth Soul Beard Oil for that upcoming date on Friday?

Maybe you fancy mixing all the beard oils together into an unholy odorous miasma (we’ve never tried it, but you’re welcome to give it a go… do let us know how it goes if you fancy giving it a whirl!).

Whatever your mood or fragrance, our beard oil gift set is guaranteed to leave your skin and beard feeling fresh and superbly scented.

Each gift set contains:

– 1x 30ml Jazz – Beard Oil

– 1x 30ml Soul – Beard Oil

– 1x 30ml Blues – Beard Oil

– 1x 30ml Original – Beard Oil