1714 A.D. Beard Soap

An homage to one of the most iconic fragrances in men’s perfumery.

The 1714 A.D. Beard Shampoo is filled to the brim with the sumptuous scents of bergamot and cedar found in John Farinas original Eau de Cologne.

A mixture so timeless and fragrant it will literally leave you smelling like a French duke (that’s a good thing, trust us).

An essential part of everyday beard maintenance and general upkeep, Beard Shampoo is ideal for cleaning any dead skin or food residue/chunks you’ve accumulated in your beard throughout the day (just like your mums loft, you’d be surprised how much weird/unwanted stuff you’ll find in there).

To be an absolute boss when it comes to beard care just follow these simple steps when applying your 1714 A.D. beard shampoo.

Apply a bit of beard soap to your wet whiskers, lather in the sweet smelling shampoo and rinse it out when done.

Piece of cake.




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