Men Rock Aftershave – New Launch!

The upcoming launch of our new after shave (End of October!) has sparked discussion at Men Rock HQ. How can we adequately describe it and when should we call a spade a spade?

Time was when the only smellies we men knew of were after shave and, for the real cognoscenti, deodorant. And even then, they were not universally known. Hair conditioner had not been invented – or if it had, few men knew of it and even fewer would ever consider using it. Those were the pre-reconstruction days when the young Kevin Keegan was the role model and when men were…well, ignorant?

On the right scent?

Now that many men are almost as savvy as the girls about toiletries and cosmetics, we have to be very careful of the terminology we use when describing our products here at Men Rock. Is it an after shave, a post-shave balm, an eau de cologne or an eau de toilette. A scent or a perfume?

What’s the difference, between the above toiletries, you may well ask?

Well it’s not just the BBC that’s here to educate and entertain you. In this vital matter, Men Rock is taking it upon itself to enlighten you and clarify the nomenclature.

Think of it as a hierarchy with pure perfume or ‘parfum’ (or ‘scent’ as the mullet-haired footballer Kevin Keegan might have called it in his heyday) at the top. This has the highest concentration of perfume oils. It’s followed, in descending order, by the Eau de Parfum (watered-down perfume) and Eau de Toilette (4-10 per cent Perfume oil). And finally, Eau de Cologne (or Eau Fraiche) with between 2-5 per cent Perfume oil.

 Mysteries cleared up

I’m sure that, like me you’ve often wondered why is Eau de Cologne so-called? The clue is in the name. Who would have guessed that the very first Eau de Cologne was produced in the18th century in…Cologne.

And why does Eau de Toilette always go by its French name? We assume that’s because it’s harder to market something called ‘toilet water’.

Why are we bovvered? Because we’re very close to the launch of our new after shave, provisionally called Black Pomegranate, and there’s some discussion as to whether it’s an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Toilette.

One thing’s for sure, even if it’s officially an Eau de Toilette, we won’t be calling it a Toilet Water.