Why Do So Many Men Have Ginger Beards?

Many a man that has black, brown, or blond locks atop of his head also sports a touch of ginger, except these orange tones appear on the face either as a ginger tint in the beard or as the domineering colour of the facial hair but the question is – Why?

The Science
Whilst not a lot of research has gone into hair colour it is understood that you require two recessive alleles to possess ginger head hair, one from mam and one from dad, but it only takes one of those ginger alleles to have an orange beard. Whilst you were probably never told you only need one for a ginger beard the rest is basic science that is taught in school. But despite what you may have been taught in biology class hair colour is not strictly determined by one gene from mam and one from dad. However, your DNA and genes do determine the pigments you have and the quantities of them and it is these pigments that dictate what hair colour you have. In essence your hair colour is decided by a multitude of gene combinations which can express themselves differently in different people.

The wonderfully complex nature of hair means that not only does so many peoples’ seemingly change over time (and we don’t mean turning grey that one happens to us all) but it can be a different colour in different places. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily have a black mop on top of your head, rock a ginger beard and boast blond eyebrows but you know what we are getting at.

It is not surprising that our beard and head hair can be different colours when you think about it. Beard hair is very different to our head hair. It looks different and feels different and as such it abides by different rules including what colour it takes on.

Here we can see a family tree with two parents with three children together. Each member of the family has the two alleles for hair colour displayed. The children’s alleles are all a combination of one from each parent. As shown the first child has received ginger alleles from each parent and she will have ginger hair. The second child has received two brown alleles and so will have brown hair. The third child has one ginger and one brown allele, the singular ginger allele will not be enough to produce ginger head hair but this child has potential to grow a ginger beard.

Men Rock’s Science
Unfortunately, we cannot give a better answer than that, the research isn’t there. Having a ginger beard is not associated with an illness so it is not a priority when it comes to research. Here at Men Rock, however, we know a thing or two about the science of rocking an awesome beard so here is some of our research around ginger beards. Ginger beards are best flaunted, if you have orange facial hair don’t be a baby face express yourself with an awesome red beard. As with all beards, ginger beards love to be groomed, they also love beard oils and beard balms and above all they demand respect. Having a kickass ginger beard is a privilege and is sure to make some others envious of your awesome face fuzz but remember with great power comes great responsibility so treat your beard right.

To recap:
1) If you have a ginger beard just remember that your facial hair broke all our preconceived notions about hair colour to give you those incredible orange tones – that makes your beard really special.
2) If you’ve got it flaunt it don’t hide those fiery red whiskers.