Celebrities With and Without Beards – Which Do We Prefer?

When it comes to celebrities, people inspect every detail of their lives. The world is filled with everything from the family life to the wardrobe decisions of these famous figures and here at Men Rock we are joining in, except we are looking at what really matters – beards!


There’s a time and a place for a Slim Shady, peroxide blond buzz and clean-shaven baby face but now is not that time. Eminem is now sporting a more mature look which makes him look his age in the best possible way. The now bearded rap star is almost unrecognizable and when he debuted his new bearded look in 2016 with a photo on Instagram fans were not disappointed. The photo of Shady’s beard reached a good level of virality on social media and we are not surprised. Fans couldn’t wait to cast their opinion and whilst there were a few haters amongst the crowd the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and in favour of the facial fuzz.

Jason Momoa

As a star of Game of Thrones and Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa and his beard have had a lot of time in the spotlight but is he Conan the Barber-ian or king of the facial faux pas?

Jason Momoa has had a few different beards and he has rocked his look almost every time. From stubble which helped him stay the right side of looking like a man and not a child to a thick, medium length beard which just works with his face shape Momoa knows how to get the most from his facial hair. Can you imagine if the kickass Aquaman posters for Jason’s 2018 film featured a clean-shaven king of Atlantis? It just wouldn’t be the same. We want a ruler of the seas, not a guppy, and that means the beard must stay.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has dawned more than his share of beard styles and whilst some have been better than others most people would agree that Tom suits a beard over being clean-shaven. Hardy is great at sculpting a beard that says exactly what he wants it to say and has worn everything from a rugged hipster-esc beard to a full beard and shaved head combination, even sporting a handle bar moustache on occasion. It comes in many shapes and forms but Hardy’s beard is a part of him and he just is not the same without it. Also, credit to Hardy’s barber – that’s some outstanding shaving and Tom has done a good job with the beard grooming too.

Andrew Garfield

When Andrew Garfield’s beard first came on the scene there was a lot of talk and a lot of hate. His beard is certainly not to everyone’s taste but there are many people who equally love it. Garfield did admit that he is growing the beard for a role, however he also says he likes it and that he tends to it and takes care of it using beard balm – a good idea, especially for a beard that wild. Whether or not he will keep it after his role is unknown but one thing is for sure Andrew Garfield has the potential to grow and sculpt some amazing ginger whiskers.

Ryan Reynolds

With a beard, Ryan Reynolds looks like a different person. The beard brings forth a more mature, serious look which unfortunately doesn’t always translate well in some of his comedic role meaning it has to go and we miss it when it does. As an actor, he will commonly play characters that also ditch the beard and he stays true to that but we are rarely happier than when he gets the chance to keep the beard. He can rock both looks and whilst we are inclined to lean in favour of the beard and suggest he keeps it whenever he can.

What are your thoughts on these celebrities and their facial hair decisions? Whether growing a beard for an acting role and discover their incredible facial hair potential by accident or turning a corner and taking on an older, more mature look celebrities are just the same as every other man in that they can’t escape how much better they look with a phenomenal beard.