Beard Itch – what a bitch!

What a b.itch!

No, we haven’t gone all politically incorrect. We’re referring to the awful beard itch which most of us who grow facial hair will be cursed with at some stage. And in the current trend for combining two words together, we made the obvious connection between ‘beard’ and ‘itch’: b.itch! Remember, you heard it first at Men Rock, and we’re going to tell you how to deal with the, err, bitch in your life.

Why does the b.itch start up in the first place? Well, supposing you’ve been shaving for years – all that scraping toughens up your bristles so when they do start to grow out they can irritate your skin. Plus, they’re dry since your skin has to produce a lot more natural oil to lubricate and cope with the new growth. Then, of course, your bristles can attract debris: fluff and dust and fine airborne stuff, not to mention food particles (though the extent of this is wildly exaggerated by the pogonophobes among us).


All of this new activity can easily spark the dreaded itch. But don’t give up just yet, help is at hand. There are ways to beat the bitch. Think of yourself like a marathon runner breaking through the pain barrier…in order to save your fabulous facial furniture. Of course it’s worth it!


Keep it clean


At risk of stating the bleeding’ obvious, beards need care. So if you’re growing one just to save time and avoid shaving, the game’s up.


First you need to keep it clean. But not too clean.


Washing your beard every day with soap and water is not a good idea as it removes the natural oils which will help keep your bristles supple. You can always rinse regularly with plain water and no soap if this feels wrong. Some swear by washing with soap and warm (not hot) water every other day.


Use a good quality soap designed for beards – and use conditioner regularly to help soften that facial forest. Conditioner will hydrate the hair and help deal with any split ends which can also cause irritation. It just so happens that we offer a soap which is not only ideal for this purpose, but has a wonderful whiff of bergamot and cedar to help shake off those bitch blues. In fact, Men Rock’s 1714 A.D. Beard Shampoo is a painless and enjoyable way to improve your beard maintenance regime.


Drying your beard thoroughly after washing is also important to avoid the bitch. If you have a particularly fulsome thatch, a small hair dryer might come in handy.