Blade Shunners Beard Balm Trio

Blade Shunners: take care of that beloved beard

Growing a beard or stubble is usually the easy part: just stop shaving and dodge the blade. It’s what you do afterwards that matters. We’re talking maintenance unless you’re going for The Revenant look (which may be Oscar-winning but won’t win you many admiring glances on the street).

But that’s what Men Rock is here for. To help you look after the perfect beard, or stubble, when you decide to shun the blade or ditch the razor.

As your mum will tell you

Let’s start with shampoo. You shampoo your hair, right? Well now, as your mum will tell you, you need to extend that to your face as well. As we’re here to think of everything, we also supply beard soaps to soften those bristles and leave your visage with a fragrance your partner will love.

Conditioner? Okay, so you usually pinch your partner’s. Or, like me, you have your own conditioner but you have to share it with the dog. But that’s best saved for another time. Now you have a beard, you need to look after it as well as you might look after….your dog? So conditioner is a must unless you’re after a wire-haired terrier zeitgeist.

Men Rock has a great range of products to nourish and condition your facial follicles. Soothing balms in three subtle fragrances, a choice of four beard oils that leave a pleasing, distinctive aroma. Check them out on our website.

Some would say that life is really too short to spend too long on these small but important things, so I’ll cut to the chase. You can save yourself a lot of time by buying one of our Men Rock Beardy Beloved kits which contain everything you need for a tip top beard.

Handily for you, they’re already gift boxed so anyone out there who didn’t get an Easter egg can put the guilts on their partner to give them one of these. And don’t forget to mention that a little goes a long way…

Beardy McBeardface

Nothing can beat the full My Beardy Beloved Beard Care Kit. It’s the Beardy McBeardface of the beard world and contains a Men Rock Beard Comb, Men Rock Beard Soap, Men Rock Beard Balm, Men Rock Styling Wax and (ahem!) a little pack of Love Heart sweets. And it’s available in a choice of distinctive fragrances: Soothing, Awakening or Nourishing.

We got a good press on this from blogger Adam who came out of the blue and gave our Beard Care Kit the once over. Never met him, but thanks for that, dude.

Or, you could choose the Blade Shunners Kit for those who prefer preening to scraping. A mini Tardis for the beard lover, it comprises a Men Rock Beard Brush, Men Rock Beard Soap, Men Rock Beard Balm, and, lest we forget, that little pack of Love Heart sweeties.

It too is available in a choice of distinctive fragrances: Soothing, Awakening or Nourishing.

While we can’t guarantee that using any of the above products will automatically attract admiring glances I think we can safely guarantee that people will not cross the street when they see you coming.